Cis My Arse – 32mm Feminist Button Badge

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Cis My Arse – 32mm Feminist Button Badge

A range of badges celebrating suffrage centenary and raising the challenges faced by Women today

A bigger bolder badge size !
Original design printed and hand made in my studio
Pin back button
size: 32 mm


1 review for Cis My Arse – 32mm Feminist Button Badge

  1. fuck off terfs xxx

    lmao y’all don’t realise that this looks like the genderqueer flag, it looks like it’s saying ur not cisgender-
    love it, as an afab nonbinary person 😀

    • admin

      Hello, You may find it interesting to google-search the Suffragettes. Dont forget to look at the colours they were using too. Might be educational. have a great day

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