Labrys – Feminist Mug


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“Labrys” Feminist Mug.

A unique gorgeous mug for radical feminists, Amazons and Lesbians.
Ideal for your radical morning cups of tea or for afternoon political discussions around a coffee.

Wrap-around sublimated 11 ounce mug.
Front: Labrys illustration. Back: “Wild Woman Warrior”
Original design created by me and handmade to order with high quality sublimation inks on the highest quality ceramic mugs
Microwave safe.
Hand-wash only.
Created with love and sisterhood for YOU in my lovely studio in west Wales, UK. <3

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A bit of Herstory:
Labrys is a symmetrical double axe originally from Crete in Greece, one of the oldest symbols of Greek civilization.
Commonly, the symbol was associated with female divinities and dates to prehistoric times.
The double axe functioned as a tool and hewing axe before it was invested with symbolic function.
Labrys symbolism is found in Minoan, Thracian, and Greek religion, mythology, and art, dating from the Middle Bronze Age onward, and surviving in the Byzantine Empire.
Since the 1970s, It has been used as a lesbian, and feminist, symbol, said to represent women’s strength and self-sufficiency.
(this is from Wikipedia. But for more info you can read Mary Daly’s Gyn/ecology :

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