Gender Critical Activist – Sticker Pack

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Gender Critical Activist Sticker Pack

Pack of 10 stickers – 5 different designs – the pack includes 2 of each  ! Enjoy!

Easy peel Crack-Back paper and permanent self-adhesive.



Stickers are shipped within a week.


☝️ Attention! Please do not use these stickers for illegal purposes. ☝️


6 reviews for Gender Critical Activist – Sticker Pack

  1. Jude (She/They – Demigirl) & Aaron (He/Him – Cisgender man)

    The amount of transphobia on this page is insane. Since the owner of store is a Lesbian, I would expect more diversity. Trans people will forever be valid, and someone identifying as Trans doesn’t “erase women” in ANY way. TERFs are just holding back the whole LGBTQ+ community even when they think they’re helping 🤦

    • admin

      Women are diverse enough without having to include men. Call me whatever you like, use all the slurs that you like, makes no difference what so ever.

  2. Mo (verified owner)

    So glad women have a way to speak out against this misognist nonsense. Lesbian do not have penises and women are female .

  3. Bethany (actual woman)

    Wonderful product beloved by all who view women as people

  4. Lorna

    I am ordering these for educational purposes
    Love the design and know just the spot to display them.

  5. Lisa


  6. Nina Harrison

    Laughing at the ridiculous review from the pronoun victim above 😂 People are fighting back from this insanity! My stickers will be all over my town and beyond! These sickos need to get the F**k outta womens spaces! Thank you wild womyn workshop! 💪

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