TerfGang – Mug

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TerfGang – Mug

Terf-up your morning coffee!

Specs: white ceramic mug –  identical print on both sides.

The Handle and inside of the mug are black.


Leadtime: ship within a week

1 review for TerfGang – Mug

  1. Karenainna-Joanne

    This is the best mug I have come across in my time roaming the earth, however I am deeply disturbed by this organisation’s hypocritical decision to use a TIM as the model. It appears that one cannot escape the transsexual agenda even in a place such as this which should be a safe space for biological women to be free from the dangers of penised individuals. Seeing this sacred safe space be infiltrated by fetishistic men has driven me to the point of tears. I fear this is the world my daughter will have to grow up in, and I deeply worry for her safety if this becomes the norm. Shame on you.

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