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♀Who I am ♀

Hey! I am Angela Wild, a political artist, a lesbian feminist activist member of Get The L Out and a writer. Wild Womyn Workshop is a Lesbian owned and female-centred radical feminist shop for fearless Amazons who are sick to be told to shut up and who like to wear their politics!

I design uncompromising, beautifully designed radfem merchandise with a strong, unapologetic political content, a pinch of sarcasm, a total disrespect for patriarchy and plenty of fierce Lesbian visibility.

Wild Womyn Workshop encourage Women to take action, speak up, fight back against misogynistic lies and silencing.

When you buy from my shop you allow me to remain autonomous and independent which in turn allows me to speak up uncensored.

Thank you!

welcome to Wild Womyn Workshop !

29 December 2021

‘Trans activists threatened to BOMB my studio’

'Trans activists threatened to BOMB my studio': Lesbian entrepreneur gets 'daily death and rape threats'...

4 April 2021

How to deal this the #pronouns question

(Otherwise known as #CompelledSpeech or the #PronounPolice) How to deal with #pronouns Option 1: Boundaries: You...

28 January 2021

Art and Activism

I was invited to speak at the WHRC Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights live event....

Wild is back! Welcome 2022!

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