F*ck Your Pronouns – 32mm Feminist Button Badge

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F*ck Your Pronouns – Feminist Button Badge

A bigger bolder badge size!
Original design printed and hand made in my studio
Pin-back button
size: 32 mm



Badges should be shipped within a week.

7 reviews for F*ck Your Pronouns – 32mm Feminist Button Badge

  1. Ech

    This is absolutely disgusting I don’t use She/Her or He/Him pronouns and many of my friends don’t either and this is fucking disgusting imagine not respecting someone’s pronouns. And the fact you’re trying to profit from being a horrible person is disgusting.

    • admin

      IKR! imagine no trying to gaslight people because gaslighting is a form of abuse…

  2. gay

    not only is it stupid but it’s also a really ugly pin!

    • admin

      Bro, Don’t buy it

  3. Getalife

    Ugliest most horribly made pin ever. Fuck you

    • admin

      Dear mommymilkersneedsgas
      thank you for your most constructive feedback.
      We `t Wild Womyn Workshop do take customer’s reviews extremely seriously.
      You however are not customer. you are most likely a misogynistic overgrown teenager who needs to stop gaming, watching porn, hating women and indeed get a life.

  4. A. Woman

    I haven’t bought it either but I just wanted to say a big fuck you to the other reviews, 5/5 stars for freedom.

  5. ActualWoman

    Great button and nicely designed. Please do a button for those if us who have been diagnosed with autogynephiliaphobia or it might have to be a bumper sticker. 🙂

    • admin

      ahahaha this really made me laugh! i might well do that!!

  6. Not A Cister

    For all those sorry individuals who currently fall into the ‘gaslit’ category, just you wait a year or two. This madness will be over sooner than you think, and you’ll feel very, very embarrassed that you didn’t have the brain power to see through gender ideology. Great badges by the way!

  7. Granny Weatherwax

    I’m buying these for all my witchy female friends. Now I know which of them are witches (see what I did there) after a year of feeling scared to discuss the ridiculousness of pronouns, I peaked a few and will be giving them all a badge as a celebration.

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