F*ck Your Pronouns – 32mm Feminist Button Badge

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F*ck Your Pronouns – Feminist Button Badge

A bigger bolder badge size!
Original design printed and hand made in my studio
Pin-back button
size: 32 mm



Badges should be shipped within a week.

4 reviews for F*ck Your Pronouns – 32mm Feminist Button Badge

  1. Ech

    This is absolutely disgusting I don’t use She/Her or He/Him pronouns and many of my friends don’t either and this is fucking disgusting imagine not respecting someone’s pronouns. And the fact you’re trying to profit from being a horrible person is disgusting.

    • admin

      IKR! imagine no trying to gaslight people because gaslighting is a form of abuse…

  2. gay

    not only is it stupid but it’s also a really ugly pin!

    • admin

      Bro, Don’t buy it

  3. Getalife

    Ugliest most horribly made pin ever. Fuck you

    • admin

      Dear mommymilkersneedsgas
      thank you for your most constructive feedback.
      We `t Wild Womyn Workshop do take customer’s reviews extremely seriously.
      You however are not customer. you are most likely a misogynistic overgrown teenager who needs to stop gaming, watching porn, hating women and indeed get a life.

  4. A. Woman

    I haven’t bought it either but I just wanted to say a big fuck you to the other reviews, 5/5 stars for freedom.

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