Trans men are my sisters – 32mm Feminist Button Badge / Magnet

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Trans men are my sisters – Feminist Button Badge / Magnet

A bigger bolder badge size!
Original design printed and hand made in my studio
Pin-back button or magnet option

size: 32 mm


Badges should be shipped within a week.

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9 reviews for Trans men are my sisters – 32mm Feminist Button Badge / Magnet

  1. Grayson Parente

    you are the opposite of batman

  2. Grayson Parente

    suck my dick

    • admin

      errr no thanks

  3. milo

    if i ever see someone wearing this pin i won’t hesitate to punch them. i’m not your “sister”, i don’t want anything to do with you bigots and this behaviour only makes me even more proud to be a trans man. you do not fight for trans men by ignoring and directly disrespecting us. if we really are “included” in your so called “”feminism”” then you’d at least treat us with the basic respect – but you don’t. disgusted how much blatantly hateful things you have in your shop and also quotes that directly promote violence against trans people.

    • admin

      and yet, you are the only one here threatening violence.. isn’t that interesting?

  4. h

    i hope for one day you come to realize how ignorant and hateful you are

    • admin

      “trans men” are biologically female. I am a feminist and consider all females my sisters and will fight for all of my sisters. Lying to accommodate someone delusion is not sisterhood, it is bullshit. Pretending that drugs or double mastectomies can change your sex, or even alleviate dysphoria is not the truth. I tell the truth. I understand the truth may come across as abrupt sometimes how ever here is it. The only way to be who we really are is to accept who we are, bodies and all. If you want to call that position ignorant or hateful it is of course entirely up to you.

  5. Owen R

    Blatant disregard for basic science, it kind of sad that people still don’t understand that gender and sex are different, and it is scientific fact across the animal kingdom that it’s a spectrum

    • admin

      Exactly, sex and gender are not the same things. Sex is biology, gender is socially constructed. Sex is binary and immutable. In mammals and in humans, there are only two sexes, only the females of the species gestate. “Transmen” are female. That will never change. Females are my sisters, regardless of their so called gender identity.

  6. Julia

    I love it! Purchased it and it’s beautiful!! The colours are so nice and pastel irl, it feels so soft and feminine 💕💕💕 my fav pin, will deffo get more merch soon

  7. Anon

    Fuck you, I am not your sister and I will never be

    • admin

      sorry you feel that way. but biology is what it is. my love and sisterhood go to all women, even those who deny biology.

  8. Question for Angie

    Just curious. Assuming you think trans men are women, and you’re implying all women are your sisters (even those who do things wrong, such as doing “misogynist” things like “denying biology), would you call Phyllis Schlafly one of your sisters?

    • admin

      All women are my sisters, even those women I disagree with, even those women I don’t like, even those women who think they are men.

  9. August

    Ridiculous to think a website like this still exists, announcing products that should not even be commercialized. Let Trans people be themselves, we’re not obligated to follow your perception of what’s right or wrong. I’m a Trans man and proud. And I’m sorry if you cannot understand some people are different from you ;(

    • admin

      I am very happy to let you and anyone follow your perception of yourself. how ever you do not have to right to impose that perception on others. you cant force your beliefs on others and you cannot police our speech. so live and let live. i am sorry you cannot realise and respect that some people dont follow your doctrine.

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