Gender Critical Activist – Sticker Pack

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Gender Critical Activist Sticker Pack

Pack of 10 stickers – 5 different designs – the pack includes 2 of each  ! Enjoy!

Easy peel Crack-Back paper and permanent self-adhesive.



Stickers are shipped within a week.


☝️ Attention! Please do not use these stickers for illegal purposes. ☝️


1 review for Gender Critical Activist – Sticker Pack

  1. Jude (She/They – Demigirl) & Aaron (He/Him – Cisgender man)

    The amount of transphobia on this page is insane. Since the owner of store is a Lesbian, I would expect more diversity. Trans people will forever be valid, and someone identifying as Trans doesn’t “erase women” in ANY way. TERFs are just holding back the whole LGBTQ+ community even when they think they’re helping 🤦

    • admin

      Women are diverse enough without having to include men. Call me whatever you like, use all the slurs that you like, makes no difference what so ever.

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