The witches Badge / Magnet Collection



16 Button Badges / Magnet for feminist witches!

Why order them separately when you can get the lot! Now with even more badges / magnets!

This pack includes the following:

#Istandwith JKRowling 32mm, Wrong Crowd 32mm, Feminist witch black and white 25mm,  Cats against the Patriarchy 32mm, We are the withes back from the Dead 32mm, Witches walk among you orange 32mm, remembering the witches 32mm, FeministWitch white background 32mm, This witch doesn’t burn 32mm, Trouble-Making Witch ,set of 2 badges 32mm, j.k.Rowling 32mm, Join your Local Terf Gang set of 3 32mm

Original design printed and handmade in my studio
Pin-back button or magnet option




Badges should be shipped within a week.

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