Lesbian Power – Original Artwork


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Lesbian Power – Original Artwork – 2020

Mixed media

Four Framed Engraved and hand-painted Pebbles on Hessian


A celebration of lesbians! I painted Lesbians specific symbols on stones.

I imagined this piece as a kind of fake-archaeology, these are the symbols I would like to find engraved in stones as I am walking in my local woods, this is the history I would have like to read about in history books, at school. There were always Lesbians and we have created artefacts since the dawn of time 😀

Labrys: symbol of pre-patriarchal matrilineal societies omnipresent in Minoan culture. Since the second wave of feminism, the Labrys is commonly understood as a symbol of lesbian strength and resistance.

Double female symbol represents the lesbian symbol 🙂 obvioulsy

Triangle: i used a naturally occurring triangle shaped stone to represent the vulva symbol. these triangular shapes are were omnipresent in goddess cultures, often representing birth or the regenerative powers

The naturally occurring lozenge shaped stone is also a variation of vulva symbol, a stylised version inspired by the vulva hand-sign. In Neolithic and Paleolithic period in Eastern Europe the lozenge represent a sown field and female fertility.


This original artwork, inspired by millennia of matriarchal spiritual traditions, Goddess cultures, prehistoric art, cave art and engraved standing stones, is part of The Goddess Way: an ongoing and ever-expending project which consists of building small portable Goddess votives and talismans.

Stepping away from patriarchal religions and practises, this piece is about reconnecting with women-centred spirituality, matriarchal ancient societies, and female-centric rituals.

This piece is crafted with love in honour of the Land and its connection with the life-force traditionally called “Mother nature”. All Goddesses of this series are created using natural and human-made material found in the local area, in celebration of West Wales’ natural beauty.

More on The Goddess Way and my spiritual feminist art practice can be found here.

Creative Process
I started The Goddess Way in 2016 when I first moved to Wales.

Coming from the big city, the spiritual practice and yearning to re-connect with Nature, the daily physical need to walk the Land, and the never-ending pleasures of treasure-searching have been a healing process for me.

The Land has always held magical properties: the power of its calmness, the reconnection with oneself and the Earth, the meditative practice of walking, pendulum motions. As such the creative process begins with the walk, the way our prehistoric foremothers had to walk the Land daily, for hunting, gathering and as their sole mode of transport. Walking reconnects us to this tradition.

The stones found are either engraved or painted or both. As an art form, this process is a spiritual one. A way for me to practice my connection to the divine, a way to pray to the Goddess and invoke the universe’s powers. Herstorically, engraved stones hold ancestral shamanic properties.

This stone is intended as both a magical, spiritual and artistic piece.

24 / 24cm

Original artwork
Stamped, Signed and dated on the back.

Lesbian Power will arrive wrapped in a luxury kraft box.

All original artwork will be shipped with Tracked and Signed delivery method.


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