Did you know? Not The Most Oppressed GREY / Activist sticker pack

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Did you know? Not The Most Oppressed GREY / Activist sticker pack

Pack of 10 stickers – one design

Easy peel Crack-Back paper and permanent self-adhesive.


☝️ Attention! Please do not use these stickers for illegal purposes. ☝️



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1 review for Did you know? Not The Most Oppressed GREY / Activist sticker pack

  1. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️fuck transphobes🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

    I find it truly disappointing that the feminist community, which should be open to all sorts of people and should promote kindness, has become so bigoted.
    I know many trans people myself. Every single one of them is a good person. Every single one of them has to deal with this kind of shit.
    Why? Why are trans people your “oppressors”? It makes no sense. These people work hard every day to understand who they are and have justice for their fellow humans. They’ve got the same goals as you.
    Gendered pronouns are just a quirk of English grammar. Fortunately for a lot of people, we have a gender-neutral one. We’ve had this pronoun, in the singular, for as long as English has existed. It’s called they/them. I say this as a linguist.
    So, here’s my question to you: would you like it if English had pronouns based on sexuality, and the ones used to refer to lesbians were stigmatized? Of course not. So let people be happy. There’s no problem with someone asking for your pronouns. They’re being nice. You can just grow up a bit and stop being a fucker.

    If you fail to respond to my comment, you will have demonstrated the ultimate hypocrisy. If you want to argue that people like me “aren’t listening”, then show some maturity by listening to me. Please, for the love of god, kids are killing themselves right now because of transphobia. Their dysphoria is real. Their gender is real.

    For fuck’s sake, their pronouns are real. Grow up.

    • admin

      you know i you really wanted to debate you wouldn’t start your tirade by “fuck transphobe”
      never the less. lets address some of the imaginary points you think you have.

      1> the feminist community is not about kindness sorry you are mistaken. feminism is about women’s liberation. it is very often antithetical to being kind (at least to men) as men oppress women. no oppressed group owe kindness to their oppressors. know oppressed group has ever liberated themselves by showing kindness to their oppressors. what you are describing is Stockholm syndrome, not feminism.

      2> “trans people” you treat this as if it was a monolithic group. it isn’t. there are male who “transition” and female who “transition” (or think they do, this point will be addressed later. men and women do not transition for the same reasons and o not share an experience of “transition”. I stand with females who think they transition even if they don’t acknowledge themselves as female. men (who think they transition remain males and remain oppressors.

      3> “they work hard to understand who they are.” I have every empathy for children and vulnerable adult who experience dysphoria. especially women and girls, most of whom are in fact same sex attracted, suffer from trauma or autism.
      however, dysphoria is not a proof that one is born in the wrong body. dysphoria is a disconnect form reality. how ever painful the reality is to accept for many of us. the delusion of being born in the wrong body isn’t real. no one is born in the wrong body or can change sex no mater how much they suffer. this is just not possible
      so yes dysphoria is real. gender is a belief system.

      4> pronouns are describing peoples sex. not a quirk. when you lie about your pronouns and you force people to lie with you it is gaslighting, it is compelled speech. it is harmful to people mental health bc gaslighting is abuse. it forces people to accept a lie.

      5> lesbians are stigmatised. everyday. your point about pronouns here is moot

      6> calling people fucker bc they wont obey your doctrine is not very nice.

      7> “for the love of god” shall we leave your imaginary fries out of this discussion or is you belief system on based in fairy tales?

      8> i have never been shy of debating with the likes of you. i was on BBC Women’s Hours in 2019 against 3 transactivists taking about lesbian rights. you cant accuse me of no debate. that why you lot have been doing from the start.

      9> now you seem the one unable to listen

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