Banner Culture Book

A few of my radfem banners extraordinarily made their way to this political banner exhibition called “Banner Culture” in 2019.

Banner Culture 2019 - credit LMT
Lesbians agsint Racism – Angela Wild – Banner Culture 2019 – Credit LMT

I am very excited that one of my banners “Mr Grey is a rapist” was selected to be part of the exhibition catalogue! I painted that banner for a direct action protesting “Fifty Shades of Grey” premiere in London.

it is increasingly challenging for women artists who are critical of the transgender ideology to have our work shown anywhere. I am grateful to have somehow managed not to be cancelled but I also want to acknowledge that Emma Dolan’s iconic banner “Wrong side of history My arse”, originally selected for the exhibition, was cancelled a day before the opening by the organisers.

Now available HERE

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  1. It looks like an interesting testimony book.
    I have searched Amazon, but couldn’t find it.
    Maybe, if it could interest anyone else, can you indicate where it can be purchased ?

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