Hello World !

So this is it !
I am finally and proudly introducing Wild Womyn Workshop’s Website!

Hurray !

This place is a shop for ♀women♀ looking for new and original feminist stuff.

We produce great products with a strong, unapologetic feminist message.
Wild Womyn Workshop is a lesbian owned and female centered business and as such we center women and lesbians.
If you are triggered by radical feminist content, and threatened by female speaking our mind and daring to disagree with men, then this space is clearly not for you and liberal feminism is this way →

If not, WELCOME !
You are going to love it right here! You will find great, original designed products, carefully hand-crafted with care and love, the kind of items you will not find anywhere else. We unashamedly promote the defence of women and lesbians and proudly spread messages that will make any misogynists cringe (now that’s quite easy!).

Through our product range and our political message, we encourage women to fight back against misogynistic lies and silencing. We are activists and promote activism for women’s liberation, through a healthy dose of separatism, self-defence, critical thinking and plenty of sisterhood.
We center women always, are anti-racist and pro-lesbians, and value women Herstory, celebrate and acknowledge the importance of black feminists’ and black lesbians’ work, actively promote lesbian visibility. We are (obviously) anti-essentialist, gender-abolitionists and understand queer and trans ideology as a backlash against women and lesbian. We like to take the piss a lot and, oh (!) we don’t like men very much 😀

In the pages of this blog I will try to post about new products and craft process, some radical feminists reading I am doing, plenty of actions to support and petitions to sign and many more so do stay in touch !

I hope you like what you see and look forward to read your comments,  see your lovely selfies with Wild Womyn Workshop T-shirts and badges on soon !

Angela xx

22 thoughts on “Hello World !

  1. Wildwomyn, I realized long ago that those who consider it hate speech are those who are in power, are afraid and insecure of losing that power. My daughter is CIS and introduced me to your ETSY site, as you know I have purchased multiples of many buttons-they go to a southern university -Univerity of Alabama, and I guess Ole MIss next, that have some of the most restrictive laws on abortion AND the least restrictive on Fraternities and others who mistake drunkenness, doped up, blacked out etc as “Consent”. For some of these woymn who are not used to asserting themselves , culturally brought up to defer, these buttons are there little act of defiance, and by sending many, they send a grassroots message of hope. Every month I am asked for more and more, and I purchase and send them without hesitation . I have used toilet paper rolls, pringle boxes, etc to send many. On another note I brought them to a League of Women Voters Pre Election Event the other night and left them on the table as “Swag”. Many people took several. Only one person (older) gave me a stern look at one pin I had out that said “Choose Life, Choose Vegan”-she thought it was too provocative. Really? I don’t force my agenda on anyone, however, I do believe we came from the Goddess and not to offend but Christianity and religion usurped and brought the male paternal patriarchy. We need to at least reclaim equality, if not superiority. Good Luck looking forward to new items, getting h my September care packages assemble now. And, byw, my :coven” has added two members, both are CIS Male, athletes in fact, who were skeptical but now align with their girlfriends and sisters point of view, and see political agenda as anti women-not even subtly-overtly. Both are Northeatern fellows, hoping the rest of them team , who travels extensively, around the world, will spread message of hope and love. Keep up the good work.

    1. I love your philosophy! Me and my husband are fully on board. He’s a builder who works in London and he spreads the word among the other men he works with – most of whom agree with us and what we stand for entirely. A change is coming and people are starting to realise – and point out – that actually, the emperor is not wearing any clothes.

  2. Your shop is amazing!
    In support, I have purchased a small advertisement your shop – it will be published in the paper program booklet for the Michigan Framily Reunion (MFR) festival, held Aug 2-5 in Wayland , Michigan, USA.
    There will be 1500 women at the festival.

      1. 21st century and women wild or otherwise are frowned upon for owning their truth…worse still, attacked for voicing it. love what your doing please keep it up…found you through JKRowling tweet.

  3. Hi, great website. I’m a stay at home mum in Essex of 2 baby boys, I live a fairly chilled and happy life, no issues with what anyone else does. And then….I opened a twitter account (to follow The Nolan’s for pete’s sake!), happened to comment on a book by JK Rowling that I loved, was inundated with hate filled tweets calling me a transphobic. And a few other choice names. I realized most of these were from transwomen. I’m still not sure what I did. Anyway, I found yourwebsite through a JK Rowling tweet, I’ll be buying some merch and wearing it proudly…it is my first step on the fight back against bullies…x ps I’m a size 12, is that a medium in t-shirts? Thank you x

    1. Thanks Fiona 🙂 well done for working your way through the queer maze and the bullies! size really depends how you like to wear your t-shirts are a comfortable unisex fit, the best thing to do is to measure one of your t-shirts and compare to our measurements (i have put measurements in CM and inches) hope that helps!

  4. fighting the real fight here o7. been trying to spread the word of the women for too long now and finally i have found my sisters. found you through jk rowling whos been really active and proud on social media. that interview that you did inspired me to start my own small art business on etsy because fuck the patriarchy lmao. im quite a good artist but obviously im going to struggle because of the oppressive state of the art industry. many men have belittled me and made me feel like my art is too extreme and not ‘cute’ enough to pass for a woman like myself. but you have inspired me to be my true original highly offensive self 🙂

  5. I really want to agree with you. I understand your motive, but I can’t understand why you’re so desperate to hate on transgender people. You feel as if cis women’s right are being ‘taken away’ by trans people. It honestly is disgusting and makes no sense. No one is attacking cis women for being women. No one is taking away your femininity by asking for your pronouns. All that trans people are asking is to be accepted for who they really are. Trans people, and trans women especially, have it much harder than you do. It would be much appreciated if you could sit down and think over some of your very stupid and transphobic designs on this website.

    1. it is not a matter of “trans” versus “non-trans”. I don’t believe anyone can transition as being born in the wrong body is a physical impossibility and changing sex is also impossible. it is an issue about men (and whatever gender identity they think they may have) and women. since men call themselves women they take women’s rights. it’s very simple once you remove the trans jargon which is just designed to confuse everyone. men (who think they transition) are men. men are not oppressed in a patriarchy. thanks for stopping by

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