Women’s Liberation Radio News – Interview with Liz Miller

A million thanks to Liz Miller and the amazing Women’s Liberation Radio News team for giving me the opportunity to talk about the things I am most passionate about Feminism, activism, direct action and art.

“Getting organised” is a WLRN monthly segment designed to give women inspiration, ideas and tools to do your own feminist activism.

In this episode, we discussed strategy: the tension between bringing what we need to the world as opposed to lobbying men in power to get it and ask questions such as:

Do women need to ask permission from our oppressors? Is it effective to ask our oppressors to fund our feminist projects? Is it an efficient use of our time to beg men to stop erasing us, battering us? raping us? Will the master’s tools ever dismantle the master’s house?

(obviously, I think not)

We also talked about my creative work at Wild Womyn Workshop, the importance of art and images for any political movement, and what it is like to run a radfem creative business.

And many many other things!


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